Founder - full stack developer

I'm Alireza Saligheh

I possess strong collaboration skills and have a passion for exploring new topics. I am proficient in 14 programming languages, all of which are based on Python for Backend development, and I have a familiarity with Java. For Frontend development, I have a strong foundation in JavaScript technologies such as React.



Galexsa is a blockchain-based ticketing platform with the ability to convert tickets into a fungible digital collection with NFT capabilities.

Jubal Music

Jubal Music is the ultimate platform for musicians with a Transpose Magic feature to change song keys. Create, perform, connect, and share your music with the world. Join the Jubal community today.


Products for managing corporate internal files and connecting to external websites with artificial intelligence system

Old Galexsa

Galexsa is a tool for investor performance analysis that provides a platform for trading analysis Providesinformation, technology and services related to various cryptocurrencies.

Myna Language

Long-term vocabulary training with Leitner algorithm


News magazine with the ability to file various events. WordPress enhanced with jet engine


The future of the ticketing system


Dedicated website with React and Django languages


A logistics service platform with the ability to register and track the services of cargo and loads and is able to determine the unique role of the employee and the level of access.


Products and operating system for smartening all electronic devices


Web for movie and serial streaming platform

Template Shop

Trading Chart

Digital Currency - Crypto Trading Chart With advanced tools React Next JS Template view

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Template React Weather Animated With Dark And Light Theme View

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Decentralized Crypto Betting

Footbalsa Decentralized Crypto Betting With Advanced Tools Rea

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Walletsa - Crypto Wallet

Walletsa - Crypto Wallet Website By React Next JS And Tailwind Template

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Private VPN

Creating a private VPN with a unique IP for each user

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